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Just what you need...

Cavali specialise in brand strategy consulting and training. Existing clients say we have a knack for helping them understand and get 'just what they need'.

Because of our talent for knowing what you need, and keeping to your budget by delivering only what you need, we pick up a lot of work outside our core expertise, however where we can help you best is:

  • Training Legal CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and e-learning content provision
  • Photography Specialising in travel, studio work and corporate / educational publications
  • Strategy Brand and electronic media strategy and brand/strategic online marketing plans, sometimes integrating CRM/Customer Focus.

Cavali delivers just what you need by combining the skills of self-made entrepreneur and strategist Neal Cavalier-Smith, lawyer turned landlord and tenancy expert Clive Sanders and computer genius Adam Bovington.

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Neal Cavalier-Smith Cavali consulting picture
'Your strategy workshop was our most productive day since we merged'
Neal Cavalier-Smith Cavali consultancy picture
Neal Cavalier-Smith Cavali consultancy picture